Sorry Brits, Ripping Your Own CDs Is Illegal Again!

Sorry Brits, Ripping Your Own CDs Is Illegal Again!

The UK government changed the law to allow CD ripping. Unfortunately the music industry wasn’t too impressed. Now their fighting back!

For those of us who still buy CDs, the common practice of ripping the music to a computer either as an MP3 or maybe into an iTunes library was something we didn’t really think about. We bought the CD with our money, so what we did with it surely didn’t matter.

Technically according to UK law, that was illegal but in reality everyone does it and it isn’t something you can effectively police.

In October 2014, the government changed UK law so that it was legal to rip CD’s and DVD’s for your own personal use as long as you weren’t bypassing any DRM protection. This was known as the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Personal Copies for Private Use) Regulations 2014. I guess most people just shrugged their shoulders, said “oh, ok” and carried on about their business.

Those who did care were the music industry. They felt that in allowing people to make their own backups and ‘format shift’ (CDs converted to MP3 for example) meant that the music industry was loosing out on money and the new legislation did not take into account compensation for musicians.

The High Court has agreed that the government has acted unlawfully and the law has been changed back.

Sorry UK dwellers, it’s illegal to rip your own legally bought CDs once again.

Thanks to Engadget.

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