Star Trek, Boldly Returning To Television In 2017

Star Trek, Boldly Returning To Television In 2017

Star Trek fans rejoice! There’s a new series in the works and should warp onto your screens in early 2017.

CBS Television Studios have announced today that a bold new Star Trek series is due in January 2017. Star Trek is due to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary in 2016 and it’s likely that a preview of the new series will air sometime late in the year. The show promises to introduce new characters on a mission to seek out new worlds and civilisations whilst playing on contemporary themes and staying true to the hallmarks that have been present in Star Trek since its debut in 1966.

The new series is being developed exclusively for CBS All Access, the Network’s digital subscription video on demand and live streaming service, but will be distributed worldwide for television broadcast and streaming services. Interest is likely to be high from Star Trek fans who have been starved of a weekly Trek fix since Enterprise ended in May 2005. Though Alex Kurtzman will executive produce the series will not be linked to the forthcoming third film in the rebooted movie series Star Trek Beyond. Kurtzman wrote and produced both Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness for the big screen.

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