Star Trek’s Captain Kirk Honoured With A Statue In Characters Future Hometown

Star Trek’s Captain Kirk Honoured With A Statue In Characters Future Hometown

A life-size statue of Captain Kirk has been unveiled to symbolise the officially sanctioned, future, birthplace of the character.

Iowa // As part of an annual Star Trek festival in Riverside, Iowa (United States) a life-size bronze casting of Captain James T. Kirk has been unveiled.

Captain Kirk Bronze StatueThe statue is the result of years of campaigning by former Riverside councilman Steve Miller. Since 1985 Miller has been lobbying for his town to be officially sanctioned as the future birthplace of the iconic Star Trek captain.

Miller proposed the idea to Gene Roddenberry before the Star Trek creator’s death in 1991. Roddenberry is reported to have considered the idea as “enterprising” and gave the councilman the go ahead.

Through community and fan funding, $30,000 was raised to pay for the bronze statue sculpted by artist Jurek Jakowicz of Sioux Falls, S.D.

The life-size casting is created in the image of William Shatner’s depiction of Captain Kirk. Shatner approved the statue and granted the use of his likeness following a meeting with Steve Miller in 2004.

The statue now stands proudly in the centre of Hall Park, one of Riverside’s community hubs and will, no doubt, become a stop off for many Star Trek fans.

Iowa was famously identified as the location for the car chase scene in the 2009 Star Trek re-imagining where we see a young James T. Kirk getting into trouble with the law to a soundtrack of The Beastie Boys, ‘Sabotage’.

Picture: Sam McIntosh / kciiradio
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