Stiborge | VPCIII Round One Review

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Stiborge | VPCIII Round One Review

Stiborge give his in-depth review of every VPCIII round one entry. Grab a coffee, get comfy and get reading.

Hey everyone, I sat down and did my review of the VPC round 1 like I promised I would. Sorry that it took so long but I’m not sure this round could have dropped at a more stressful time for me. However, I find these reviews as fun to do as I find them taxing. I hope that at least some of you like what I had to say, coming at this from a total fan with no rap skills or production knowledge. Thank you for reading.

2d6 | The Tightest Pair of Jeans in Atlanta

This was probably the most entertaining song I’ve ever heard 2d6 do for the VPC ever in history… and it’s alright. The flow gets annoying at points but it’s never grating and the beat is just kind of fun and fluffy and kind of insubstantial. It’s not bad, but it didn’t do anything special for me either. 3 out of 5

An Hobbes and 2-Ton 21 | Hello Rusty

It took me embarrassingly long to figure out that this song was about The Venture Bros. I don’t watch that show that much, but it isn’t bad. The beat is pretty nice. I’ve enjoyed An Hobbes stuff before and I enjoyed this song. I thought he did a good job of playing the character and providing exposition for him. There wasn’t much of a story to it but I suppose that goes in with the source material. I enjoyed it quite a bit, it made me chuckle a few times. 4 out of 5

B.A.T. XoMilk | To the Finish

Fun Fact: When I listened to this song I was in a terrible mood, just having a terrible day. Also I’m not a fan of Transformers, like at all. I’ve never watched ANY of the shows, don’t like the movies, never owned the toys but I STILL loved this song immediately. I can’t dislike an XoC song, and even for an XoC song this might go up with On the Run and Butthurt in my favorites. Holy shit do XoC and Milk Plus work well together. The hook both works well for the property and sounds great. XoC’s flow is as on point as always. I sometimes forget how much I love XoC’s flow, then I listen to it again and it’s so great. He paints a great picture of this character that I assume is accurate. I don’t know he’s a bigger fan than I am. It’s at least well realized. Obviously this song is getting a 5 out of 5

Beefy and tanner4105 | Dear Valentine

This is not fair. I love Beefy and Tanner and Ender’s Game. If I had one complaint it would be that this song is a bit long. I also didn’t like the hook the first verse but after I saw what you were doing in the second verse I almost screamed out loud. That was REALLY clever. I dug it a lot. Great mixing and it was great for the narrative of the song without making the song unpleasant to listen too. Beefy did a great job of encapsulating this scenario well. All around a great song 5 out of 5

Team Otaku Supreme | Blue Summers

Well, this is the second most obnoxious beat in the competition I think. The flow was very… I dunno like someone trying really hard to sound tough but couldn’t. I had trouble finishing it to be honest, that beat is not really doing this song any help. The beat gets better during the hook, unfortunately the hook is the vocalist doing gun noises. 1 out of 5

Chadley and Stone | Red, Green, and Blue

SO I ASSUME THAT INTRO WAS MEANT TO DESTROY MY EARS BECAUSE IT WAS REALLY LOUD AND HIGH PITCHED WITH NO WARNING. Okay, putting this aside this is a LOT better than “Yo, my name is Harry and yo, I’m a wizard” and it’s fun and fits the tone of Pokemon well. I don’t know if it’s something I’d just listen to on a regular basis, in fact that’s not true, I know that it’s not. But for the competition, it’s not bad, it’s actually pretty fun and entertaining. 4 out of 5

Fatback Supreme and Poverty Man | Working Class

Oh wow, this is going to be a difficult one considering how big of a Poverty Man fan I am and how I’m almost certain that Poverty Man and Fatback Supreme will be people that read reviews. If it wasn’t already obvious I didn’t like this song… like at all. It started with Poverty Man rapping over a sound that was rising to a beat and that part was pretty cool. I love Poverty Man and I was getting excited for the song during this moment. But when the actual beat hit in, it was… okay… or at least it would have been, but that “take it” in the background really annoyed me. And it seemed Poverty Man kind of downplayed his flow, which is usually pretty unique and excentric, in this song and I really don’t think that works to his benefit. I thought the hook was really dull, really really dull, and kind of hard to listen to. I’d probably be nicer to this song if I wasn’t expecting to like it so much, but I really didn’t. Sorry guys. Please don’t hate me Poverty Man and Fatback Supreme, I still love you. 1.5 out of 5… that I’ve chosen to round up to 2 out of 5

Delerat and DJ Skull Kid | Fated to Fall

There was nothing that stood out to me in this song. The beat was pretty decent but not attention grabbing. It wasn’t bad I suppose. The flow was very stereotypical nerdcore to me, which isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing but I don’t know how far it’s going to get you in this competition. I don’t really have much to say about this song other than the effect near the end broke it up and made it a bit less forgettable, but it’s ultimately pretty forgettable. 3 out of 5

Dynamo Dash and Rukyss Duhki | February 2ND

Well, the sample at the beginning of the song is about a million years long and reminds me of a better song I could be listening too which isn’t really great. I guess this song is about Groundhogs Day, it’s not a very pleasant listen. I think it could have been, but it was just so messy. There was so much going on. I mean the flow itself wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t the worst ever but the beat was so messy. So many things to distract me from the song and samples and I just wasn’t a fan. Not the worst idea or effort, but it needed to be cleaned up WAY more. 1.5 out of 5 that I’ll round to a 2 out of 5

FiberOptic Illusion | Never Turn My Back

This is one of two Fairy Tale songs in this, and out of the two I like this one slightly less. And I mean VERY slightly, I still REALLY enjoy listening to this. BIAS ALERT! I love the Fairy Tale theme (which I’ll reiterate on the other song). This guy really takes to embodying an anime protagonist. When he’s like “NEVER SURRENDER” I see him standing in front of everyone giving an inspirational anime speech. Aside from that, the beat if fucking ethereal, it really is (the beat of the other Fairy Tale song is too. It’s a really good source material). I only watched about two seasons of Fairy Tale to be honest but that theme, hoooly shit. The vocalist worked well in the context but has some awkward deliveries that I ignored because he played the character well and the beat covered most of them up, but I can see that getting in the way more in the future of this competition. 4 out of 5 and another promise of continued listening to this song well after this competition is over.

Johnny Hacknslach and Broken Satelite | Flowheim

I like Full Metal Alchemists a lot, but I have not finished the series, nor have I watched the series in a couple of years. There aren’t any glaring problems with this song but it wasn’t very exciting either. The flow and beat got pretty monotonous by the end of the song. The storytelling was fine enough, but the song isn’t really all that special to listen to. If I could do half numbers I’d give this a 2.5 out of 5 but as it is I’m going with a 2 out of 5. (After I hit that I immediately felt like this song deserved a 3 out of 5 but I’ve given much better songs 3 out of 5, I hate being confined to a 5 point system)

GODCOMPLEX | Humble Faith

Why? Well, the instrumental is fantastic. Is this about a fandom? Is the fandom Christianity? I just… I don’t know. It’s not bad. I think this rapper is Rafe and I’m going to feel like an idiot if it’s not but he did pretty well, but the star here was definitely the beat. I almost knocked a point for that stupid myspace line, but I decided not to. 4 out of 5

Calamity Input | K.G. Broadcast

Well, first of all this song starts out with the longest, I guess it would be a choir sample, in the world. Then the beat dropped to this absolutely mind numbing air horn/laser sound/ stereotypical club beat and that continues for the whole song. It’s not just mind-numbing. It’s mind destroying. I honestly listened to all these songs on my free time and tried to go back and listen to them as I review them and I couldn’t do it for this one. It’s so irritating. This was WAY meaner than I intended but I’m sorry, it’s not good. 1 out of 5 only because I can’t go 0.

Korlyss and Mozart von Robot | #TwoVersesandaHook

The beat of this one is pretty neat. It was very catchy as well, from the point of view of Abed from Community which is a show I’m relatively familiar with. I feel like I’d probably like this song better if I was more familiar with it, I guess. It’s not bad at all. It’s pretty fun, the beat was nice, and for fans of the show I’m sure the references were entertaining. But I’m not really a fan of the show and as such was kind of lost, and I have a general idea of who Abed was (I watched the ping-pong episode and the video game episode because people linked them too me). It’s still not a bad effort 3 out of 5

Kudos the Kid | The Popli Kids

I love the Simpsons. Who doesn’t? Everyone does. This song was clearly a lot of fun to make because referencing The Simpsons is never not fun, and it’s pretty fun to listen to because listening to Simpsons references all the time. Also the beat is fun and energetic and the vocalist is fun and energetic. It’s not much of a narrative nor does it do much to bring the world of the Simpsons to life through experience. It’s not really a character portrait or anything. This song is more a collection of fun Simpsons references which is fine, but I dunno if I’m fully on board with it for this competition. Still entertainment gets you a long way so I’ll go 3 out of 5

Cool is Forever Now | I’m A Repo Man

Oh, it’s a reference to Repo Man. That’s weird. Well I really like this movie, and this song is actually pretty fucking entertaining. Some points for uniqueness on this one. This is one of the songs that dove into the head of the main protagonist of Repo Man. The samples here didn’t even bother me that much besides the puking noise at the end which I wasn’t really a fan of. 4 out of 5

Marco Yolo | Rum Ham

I’m pretty sure the vocalist here is Ill Gill, I recognize that voice fairly well at least. This is the the first Ill Gill song in a while that I don’t actively dislike. I love Always Sunny and there were some fun references in there. Although I worry that he focused a bit too much on the Always Sunny references and didn’t talk AS much about hanging out in the bar with people. The beat was pretty chilled back and it had the atmosphere of kind of a laid back day of drinking, which is kind of weird for Always Sunny seeing as that show is anything but laid back. It’s not a bad song, but it isn’t one of my absolute favorites, and after this competition I’m going to forget about it aside from the fact that somebody made and Always Sunny in Philadelphia song. 3 out of 5

More or Les and Abstract Artform | I Have to Pilot A Robot

I love the unique flow of More or Les every time I hear it. I also just happen to be an Evangelion fan. The song is really neat and catchy and the lyrics do reflect the ideas of the show. This is a song that I might end up listening to for a while after the competition ends. HOWEVER, I do have a criticism for this song, and that is the tone of the song. More or Les’ bouncy flow and that instrumental don’t really lend themselves to the dark tone of the show. They make it sound like a fun, goofy giant robot song. Like Gurren Lagann or something, which is not what the show is. This is a rare case of my extensive knowledge of the subject of the song actually hurting the song’s final score, but not too bad, I still give it a 4 out of 5

Jollimus and LampedGod | YES

Well, I love Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. This song is goofy. It’s goofy and simple and fits the character and Jollimus’ style well. It’s not going to be one of my favorites but I don’t think that it was bad. It was an upbeat and went by quick. 3 out of 5

One-Up and Ohm-I | Every Dang Day

This song was super creative. It was pretty damn entertaining too. I enjoyed listening to this song a lot, and in other songs in the competition, references to other pop culture stuff through me off, it didn’t bother me in this song. I think this song benefits from Dr. Mario not really have a character so I believed Dr. Mario as a pop culture quoting drug-dealer, when I wouldn’t believe that a character from an anime would like maybe Game of Thrones for example. 5 out of 5

MC-3PO and Klopfenpop | Yes Man

This song is about hanging out in New Vegas. The hook is fucking fantastic. It makes me want to sing along super hard. The beat is great and I thought the stuff he talked about was really interesting. Doing a song about Fallout is a really good idea since it’s such a vast expansive world with so much to do. It can give you a lot to talk about. Oh and did I mention that the hook and beat are fantastic. Because they are. 5 out of 5

Shredtek and Zalenka | Hello, My Name is Voldo

Oh wow people that I don’t know that are good. Like really good. I think this song was about that character I used to play as whenever I played Soul Caliber. And as far as the character of a fighting game character goes, they did pretty well. The rapper’s flow fits the production really well. I’m really impressed by this song. 5 out of 5

Shubzilla and Lex Lingo | Flow de Lis

Okay, Shubz plays this shit perfectly, and she is very intimidating which is hilarious because she’s so nice in person. I love Saints Row and this song was fucking entertaining. Shubzilla is a fucking boss. If nothing else she definitely plays the character from Saint’s Row well. Also, this song chronicles the rise to power in the Saints Row series well. It may have been a bit sample heavy but if I ever deduct points for too much Keith David than please destroy me. 5 out of 5

Starby and Robo Rob | Titania

THIS BEAT FUCKING SLAYS. THIS HOOK FUCKING SLAYS. I never knew that Shelby was such a good rapper. BIAS TIME! See, I like the instrument from Fairy Tale a lot. A LOT. When I first heard this song I couldn’t stop. I listened to this song about 20 times in a row, no shit. Shelby really goes with the beat too, especially on the hook. It sounds AMAZING. But , I had to take a step back and it lead me to a flaw I have with a lot of Robo Rob’s stuff. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest Robo Rob fan, and the reason for that is his beats are great, but they’re so overpowering, and it’s just not what I like as a general rule. And the thing is, it’s no different here. His beat overpowers like crazy, the only different is, he usually works with electronicy stuff which I don’t like as much and this time he was working with a source that I love. That being said Shelby really surprised me by holding her own so well and Robo Rob made a banger so I’m gonna give it a 4 out of 5 with the added benefit of my continuing to listen to it well after this competition is over.

Team Carolina | Porkins

Well, the samples were fun. Other than that, the beat wasn’t great. Also, I’m so bored of Star Wars songs. I’m sorry, that should factor in, but it does. I like Star Wars but there are so many Star Wars songs, most of which I skip when they come up on my playlist and this is not better than those. The rapping isn’t awful I don’t think, I dunno, it definitely didn’t stand out. The beat was nothing special for me. 2 out of 5

Team Hanna Barbaric | The Great Gazoo

Well, the beat was a bit simple. Like very simple. It’s not like I know a lot about beat making but nothing about this beat screams the Great Gazoo to me. The rapping is actually pretty competent for most of it, but it changed up a lot and unlike Navi it wasn’t consistently good. It was better in some areas than others. This was a decent effort, I don’t know how well it captured the character, or at least not what I thought of the character while watching Flintstones as a child and it was pretty inconsistent. So, I’m debating between a 2 and a 3, but I think it’ll have to be a 2 out of 5 because I while I commend the effort I don’t really ever want to listen to it again.

Team Krunkatu | All Day

This song is for all intents and purposes a very good song, but something about it just isn’t really popping with me. I feel like it’s a bit unfocused I guess but there are other songs that that doesn’t bother me on. It’s weird every individual element of the song is good to awesome but as a whole I don’t really see myself giving this song any spins after this competition is done. I’m sorry everyone, I’m a terrible music reviewer. Maybe the flow was too fast for me and I couldn’t latch onto any concept or idea here. Maybe some of the references that I did catch through me off. Either way I gave it a 3 out of 5. Not bad but I dunno, it didn’t jump out at me.

The Admins | Skooma Boss

This song is really good. I have NO IDEA who the vocalist or producer are but this song is pretty damn good. I’m grooving to it. It makes me want to do some skooma and rock out. The concept to make the song about some random Khajilt drug addict is a pretty good one, and this dude just sounds ready to get down. I think this song probably encompasses this challenge better than anything. It’s not my favorite song in the round but it’s up there. 5 out of 5

The Almighty Provoke and Athena Omega | The Dandy Man

I feel like I should talk about hearing the sample at the beginning and pausing the song to prepare myself for the worst before starting this. Maybe that wasn’t the best intro to your track. Well, the singing on here was not ideal but aside from that the rapping wasn’t the worst ever. There’s definitely room for improvement though. There was a lot of stumbling over lines like trying to fit too many syllables in one line and getting flustered is what it sounds like, and it was a bit too obvious. The beat was pretty alright. I don’t know anything about Space Dandy so I can’t really comment on the content too much, but the presentation was a bit lacking. I’m almost inclined the be more lenient on this because it’s a huge step up from the last song I listened too (the order songs appear in this review is not the order I listened to them in) but there are too many problems with this song. 2 out of 5

MC Deep and Planetz | The Boy Troy

Why are there songs in this competition for both Troy and Abed, did you plan this? Well, regardless I like this song a bit better than the Abed song. It just vibes really well. Although it’s interesting that you decided to make a song as someone who is also a rapper, and one of my favorite rappers at that. The words kind of went off beat every once in a while, there’s something a bit off from the personality of the song and what I know of Troy’s personality, and if I was more familiar with community I’d probably be able to tell you what. Maybe I’m just getting Troy confused with Donald… or maybe Gambino all three are different personalities. Either way it gets a 3 out of 5

The Illuminator and DJ Gary Debussy | Ripper

I’m going to come out and say I have a long relationship with the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer in that I’d never say it was one of my favorite shows, but it was a very important show at a very important time in my life… but that’s enough of my introduction with this, this is about the song, which I really like. I like this enough to listen to it well after this competition. The beat is really good and I have a relationship of sorts with the show in question. It’s not the deepest analysis of the character in question and I think it works well with the first couple seasons of the show, which seems to be the era the song encompasses… and it’s catchy as all hell. 5 out of 5

The Eyeconics | Back in My Day

I heard the mix of what I think was the Batman theme song and got really excited for Batman, but then I was disappointed by no rapping, like at all. The instrumental was alright but did this even follow the rules of the VPC? Was there a vocalist? Sorry guys, I have to go 1 out of 5 which sucks because I actually think this instrumental is really good.

Whoremoans and Navi | Good Training

I have not yet seen Edge of Tomorrow but it is on my list. Okay, this beat is pretty awesome and Navi’s verse is so versatile on this song. Now, an interesting thing this song did was it had the rewinds in it, which is something I had to think. Narratively, it’s REALLY good and it’s pretty damn clever. The narrative here is full and Navi’s flow goes through so many emotions through the course of the song eventually giving into apathy. However, the first time they had the song rewinds I had to wonder if this was going to kill the long term replay value of the song. Upon further thought I decided whether it does or doesn’t doesn’t matter. It made for a DAMN entertaining song in terms of this challenge and that is what this competition is about. 5 out of 5

Tribe One and Bill Beats | Winchester Boys

This is about Supernatural right? I don’t know anything about Supernatural I hope I do well. Well, let’s get out right out of the Bill Beat’s made a great beat and Tribe One is a great rapper. Okay, this song appears to be in the mindset of that Sam guy… or maybe that Dean guy. It does paint a tortured past and the song works well with the beat. It’s really good, I wish I had more to say about it. If I liked Supernatural I’d probably love this song. 4 out of 5

Projekt Zero and Zilla Persona | Breaking Up

Bias warning! I LOVE not only Bastion but the music of Bastion is one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time. Oh also Projekt Zero is a producer who I’ve loved for a while and Zilla Persona who I had never heard of until the last VPC where he blew me away. How could I not love this song? Does this seem like I’m setting this up to say that I didn’t love this song? It’s not I just REALLY love this song. It fits the feel of the game well (I mean DUH it’s adapted from the song from the game that fit the feel of the game fucking perfectly. Zilla’s rapping is so good. I can’t say enough good things about this track, nor can I stop listening to it. I LOVE this song. 5 out of 5

Antisoc and Mayor Wertz | One For the Road

Well, out of the gate we have a lovely piece of one of the greatest television theme songs of all time, that now only reminds me of Adventure Time, which none of you did, and I’m very disappointed in ALL of you. I thought this song was hilarious. It had more parts that made me chuckle than… I don’t know about ANYTHING else in the round but than most of the songs. The beat was pretty lovely if you can get over it bringing you to an Adventure Time depression coma. I’m also going to come out and say I really like Mayer Wertz’s awkward flow, but heres the thing, I acknowledge that his flow is awkward and weird and turns a lot of people off. He very much emphasizes every word and he really works best over beats that subdue that a bit, which this beat didn’t really do. But here’s the thing, I had to make a choice here and think hard about what score to give this song, do I think about it from a judging standpoint which is this song isn’t the best or say “fuck it I liked it, it’s getting the score I want to give it” and then I realized, I’m doing this based off my biases, I’ve always been big on in reviews we want YOUR opinions and also I have no real authority in this. So you know what, 4 out of 5

Guest Contributor: Stiborge

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    October 10, 2014

    Thanks Stiborge for all your work putting this together! I couldn’t bring myself to give my Rupert Giles track a 5 on the tumblr (I can hear things I would like to change/fix), but I’m seriously happy you did! Glad to see you reppin the BtVS fandom


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    October 09, 2014

    Just some clarification regarding the Eyeconics track – I’ve said it on a few Facebook threads, but nothing official… It is an instrumental. They’re currently touring and had no way to cut vocals, but wanted to establish a presence in the VPC. They’ll know the track is incomplete and will be judged as such. But they will be joining us for real in Round Two.


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