Style It Out! | SEGA Dreamcast

Style It Out! | SEGA Dreamcast

Style It Out! is an ongoing feature where we delve into the stylish side of nerd culture and actively promote wearing your fandom with pride.

SEGA’s ill fated Dreamcast is today recognised as paving the way, in many respects, for modern console gaming. The machine was a commercial flop but technically ahead of its time. As a result the machine has a substantial fanbase to this day.

Finding decent merchandise for the Dreamcast is pretty difficult, an honorable mention goes out to this cool bag from There are plenty of logo t-shirts available from a number of sources, but I’ve gone for one that’s a little different in my pick below.

Style It Out! | Dreamcast

1 | Dreamcast Logo Mesh Cap

The website this cap is available from looks as old as the Dreamcast itself, but this logo cap coupled with the shoes I’ve picked out creates a crisp look. | $11.99

2 | Blueprint Tee

Featuring the console name, logo and a blueprint of the unit itself and accessories too you can show off your love of SEGA’s classic Dreamcast.

Forbidden Planet | £15.99

3 | Dreamcast Travel Pass Holder

Possibly clutching at straws with this one, but why not flash your gaming pedigree every time you travel with this travel pass holder whilst out and about in the big bad city?

Forbidden Planet | £2.99

4 | Dreamcast Shoes

Available for import from Japan, Anipon’s range of SEGA footwear caused a splash when announced a few years ago. Megadrive and Saturn variations are also available, but the orange on white found on these Dreamcast versions are pretty fresh.

Anippon | ¥7,500.00

Which are your favourite items that we’ve listed? Got a link to something cool? Post your thoughts and tips in the comments.

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