Style It Out! | Stranger Things

Style It Out! | Stranger Things

Style It Out! A feature in which we delve into the stylish side of nerd culture and actively promote wearing your fandom with pride.

Like Will Byers returning from the Upside Down, Style It Out! is back to showcase some of the best ways to show love for your fandom. This time around we turn our attentions to Stranger Things ahead of the show’s triumphant return for a second season on Netflix.

Stranger Things Style It Out!

1 | Dustin’s Truckers Cap

Perhaps the most iconic item of apparel to come from the show which relies heavily on eighties nostalgia for its setting and style. A classic design in red, white and blue. You can find caps like this in a lot of places but this one from Etsy looks more authentic than many.

Etsy | £6.34 plus shipping

2 | Butcher Billy T-Shirt Design

We’ve been fans of Butcher Billy’s unique and bold pop-culture mash-ups for some time at The Unheard Nerd, but this design featuring Eleven and her beloved waffles is pure fire. The design is available on a range of merch in various colours.

Teepublic | $20

3 | Stickers

Who doesn’t like stickers? Customise your laptop, notepads, BMX or just vandalise your nearby bus stop. Redbubble has an extensive range (including Butcher Billy’s design above) in varying sizes. My personal favourite is the Hawkins A.V. club design for its subtlety and aesthetic.You’ll also find an extensive range of Stranger Things apparel on the site including dresses, skirts, hoodies, scarves etc…

Redbubble | From under £2 each
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