Ten-Forward Vodka Is The Latest Star Trek Inspired Spirit

Ten-Forward Vodka Is The Latest Star Trek Inspired Spirit

Get yourself a bottle of Ten-Forward vodka and imagine that you’re relaxing aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Whoopi Goldberg not included.

Even long-serving members of Starfleet need to unwind at the end of a long shift, boldly going where no one has gone before. ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ introduced the idea of a communal social area aboard the Enterprise to serve this purpose.

Known as Ten-Forward the area, situated on deck ten and the most forward facing part of the ship, was a place for crew to gather, socialise, dine and drink.

An exception to the norm, one crew member aboard Starfleet’s flagship, Galaxy class vessel was not a long-serving officer. Played by Whoopi Goldberg, Guinan was a civilian who would tend to the bar in Ten-Forward. As an El-Aurian she possessed the ability of acute empathy allowing her to understand anyone’s feelings from even the briefest of conversations.

Whilst you may have trouble finding an El-Aurian to serve you synthehol aboard a starship, you can replicate a little of the magic here on Earth.

Ten-Forward Vodka is available to pre-order now. It’s makers describe the drink as: “made from choice American Grain, carefully distilled 6 times, and delivered via terrestrial and interstellar transport for the enjoyment of discerning adventurers on planet Earth, aboard the Starship Enterprise-D, and across the galaxy“.

If vodka’s your thing and you love Star Trek, this is for you. For those less interested in the spirit, the bottle itself is a thing of beauty thanks to graphic designer and Star Trek veteran Mike Okuda who lends his talents.

Visit tenforwardvodka.com to pre-order now, orders are scheduled to ship in September.

James T. Kirk Bourbon

Ten Forward vodka is the latest spirit to land from deep space and follows James T. Kirk Bourbon which can also be found at jamestkirkbourbon.com.

Drink Responsibly.

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