Terminator Genisys | Trailer #2

Terminator Genisys | Trailer #2

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he’ll be back and he is again for the fourth time in this latest installment of the Terminator franchise. This time however, there’s some serious twists going on!

Despite no one really asking for it, Hollywood has decided to continue with the Terminator story. This latest trailer explains a little more of how this film sits in the Terminator timeline and also reveals some plot twists.

All I want to know is…where’s Matt Smith in all this? He appeared in the cast listing and then was part of the promotional Entertainment Weekly cover a while back, yet he’s never shown in the trailers! Does he play a major role? We’ll find out later in the year.

Title: Terminator Genisys | Release Date US: 1st July | UK: 3rd July


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