The British Comic Awards Shortlist, Scroobius Pip Amongst The Judges

The British Comic Awards Shortlist, Scroobius Pip Amongst The Judges

This year’s British Comic Awards will be the fourth annual event celebrating British talent and comics.

Forming part of the Leeds based Thought Bubble Festival which runs from the 9th to the 15th of November this year, the British Comic Awards will take place on Friday the 13th November and the shortlists for each of the four categories have now been released along with the panel of five judges.

Beast Wagon – Owen Michael Johnson, John Pearson and Colin Bell (Self published)
Grey Area: From the City to the Sea – Tim Bird (Avery Hill Publishing)
Hand Me Down – Kristyna Baczynski (Self published)
Lost Property – Andy Poyiadgi (Nobrow)
Strip – Sarah Gordon (Self published)


Comic Book Slumber Party: Fairytales for Bad Bitches – Hannah Chapman (Editor); Stephanie Ayres, Sarah Burgess, Emma Carlisle, Lucie Ebrey, Enoki, Lize Meddings, Becca Tobin, Donya Todd, Alice Urbino and Jenn Woodall (Self published)
Supercrash: How to Hijack the Global Economy – Darryl Cunningham (Myriad Editions)
The Motherless Oven – Rob Davis (SelfMadeHero)
The Rabbit – Rachael Smith (Avery Hill Publishing)
Tim Ginger – Julian Hanshaw (Top Shelf)


Cindy and Biscuit Vol 1: We Love Trouble – Dan White (Self published/Milk the Cat Comics)
Gary’s Garden Book 1 – Gary Northfield (David Fickling Books)
Ghost Cat’s Pedigree Chums – Craig Conlan (Self published)
Maleficium – EdieOP (Avery Hill Publishing)
Star Cat Book 01 – James Turner (David Fickling Books)


Sarah Graley (Our Super Adventure, Pizza Witch, Rent Quest)
Rachael Stott (Doctor Who: The 9th Doctor #3, Star Trek #46 and #47, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes #1-5)
Matt Taylor (The Great Salt Lake, Wolf #1 and #2)
Adam Vian (Long Lost Lempi, Snippets: Extracts from 4 comics that don’t Exist)
Christian Ward (ODY-C Volume 1, ODY-C #6)

Hall Of Fame

The event will see a posthumous entry for Dudley D. Watkins into the hall of fame. Watkins was the creator of The Dandy favourite Desperate Dan along with Oor Wullie and The Broons.

The Judges

Five judges make up the panel for this year’s British Comic Awards.

Eddie Argos (Lead singer of Art Brut, painter and comic writer)
Kate Beaton (Award-winning Canadian cartoonist)
Jonathan Entwistle (Film director)
Stephen L Holland (Co-owner of esteemed comic shop Page 45).
Scroobius Pip (Spoken word & hip hop artist and podcaster)

 Click the links for more details about the British Comic Awards and the Thought Bubble Festival. Lead Image: Copyright Tom Stessons. Article Images:
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