The Devil, Frankenstein And Precogs Come to Fox TV

The Devil, Frankenstein And Precogs Come to Fox TV

A television sequel to Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report arrives on television later this year with the Devil himself not far behind along with a new take on Frankenstein.

The American television networks are currently announcing their 2015-16 schedules. Amongst old favourites that luckily get renewed for another season, new shows spring up to take the place of the unlucky few (#SaveConstantine). Here are a three new shows from Fox that caught my attention and maybe¬†they’ll interest you.

Minority Report

‘Minority Report’ is the sequel to the original film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg. In the original film, people were gifted with visions of future murders. The police used this information to prevent them, they were the PreCrime Force.

Due to the events of the plot, by the end of the film the PreCrime division is shut down. This new television sequel picks up ten years later. Be warned this trailer does feel like a condensed version of the first episode.




What if the Devil become bored of his life as the king of Hell? What if he decided to up sticks, move to Los Angeles and help us humans instead? This is the premise of Lucifer, based on the comic creation by Neil Gaimen.



The Frankenstein Code

A 75 year old disgraced county sheriff is killed during a robbery on his son’s house but his death is short lived. He is bought back to life by two millionaire siblings. He has a new body with increased physical strength but what is he going to do with this second chance.¬†Will he try to repair the damage he caused to his family or seek vengance afgainst those that killed him? This is ‘The Frankenstein Code’.



So do any of these shows grab your fancy? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or leave a comment below. The best ones we’ll read out in the next Laserdisc & Betamax, The Unheard Nerd’s television and film podcast.


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