The Midnitemen Are Ready To P.A.R.T.Y

The Midnitemen Are Ready To P.A.R.T.Y

When they’re not ripping up the L.A. club scene they’re creating tracks to set the dance floors of the L.A. club scene on fire. The Midnitemen drop the feel good track of the moment with a clear message. It’s time to P.A.R.T.Y.

Regular readers of The Unheard Nerd will know all about The Midnitemen by now. Akira The Don, relocated from the U.K. to L.A. teams up with Wade Crescent to form something of a force majeure as DJs on the club scene where they’ve spun tunes for A listers Justin Bieber and Rihanna amongst others. Proponents of Peak Wave philosophy the pair have taken time from their busy schedules to visit the daylight hours and film a video for their new upbeat club banger descriptively titled, P.A.R.T.Y.

As one would expect there’s an element of the strange about this latest Midnitemen video which opens with a dramatic Sci-Fi intro and ends with a celestial Grant Morrison (Comic book legend and famous occultist) observing matters from the heavens. In between an Andrew W.K-a-like emphasises the desire to party while Batman-esque words pop up on screen between emoticon graphics. All this topped off by some rather dubious dance moves by Mr Crescent in an otherwise energetic visual for an equally energetic song. There’s the promise of more to come too, as the end text reveals that the saga is to be continued.

Check out the video below and stream or download P.A.R.T.Y. via bandcamp or iTunes.

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