The Smallest Dolby Atmos Soundbar Yet Comes From Gibson Innovations

The Smallest Dolby Atmos Soundbar Yet Comes From Gibson Innovations

With their Philips Fidelio branded soundbar, Gibson Innovations have upped the game for Dolby Atmos home cinema.

Back in October I spent an evening at Dolby‘s European HQ here in London as part of a demonstration of their Dolby Atmos technology. There I experienced incredible immersive sound in their custom built screening room. At the time it was mentioned that as well as the multi-speaker Atmos systems available for home cinema, Yamaha had engineered the technology into a sound bar. Since then Samsung have also entered the market with their own Dolby Atmos enabled soundbar as more blu ray releases become available that support the format.

Gibson Innovations are the latest contender with their Philips Fidelio branded device that appears to up-the-ante somewhat. Despite its sleek and diminutive form this new soundbar packs a punch with 400w channeled through 18 drivers to provide Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound that literally bounces sound off of walls to provide an immersive experience. In addition the unit comes with a 220w eight inch subwoofer that also boasts a small footprint when upright, but can also be laid on its side for floor rumbling bass.

Philips Fidelio Soundbar

Being much slimmer than its competitors surely gives the Philips Fidelio an edge, but with the hefty Yamaha coming in at around £1.5k don’t expect this model to be inexpensive.

The Philips Fidelio Dolby Atmos Soundbar from Gibson Innovations begins shipping from this summer.

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