The Ultimate DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection Is Available Now

The Ultimate DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection Is Available Now

DC Comics characters are set to take the big screen by storm over the coming years. Educate yourself now and build an impressive graphic novel collection of modern greats.

The latest superhero collection from our friends at Eaglemoss is a mammoth set of graphic novels that will turn your bookshelf into a work of art. Drawing on a rich selection of recent DC Comics stories, the set features a plethora of modern greats from the multiverse. Like the CW’s The Flash? Cool, there’s a story for you. Eagerly anticipating Batman V Superman next year? Get a fix now and see the pair on the page first.

The series starts with a two-part story presented over two volumes featuring the Dark Knight in Batman: Hush Part 1 and 2 from writer Jeph Loeb and artist Jim Lee. Considered very much a modern classic Jim Lee stamped his artistic mark on the book despite it being his first time working with the character. The result is beautiful, incredibly detailed, full colour artwork that leaves a lasting impression. Loeb and Lee‘s run with Hush began in 2002 and lasted a little less than a year, concluding in November 2003. Each volume of the collection will tell you the history of the story, a little about its creators and includes stunning artwork and other bonus material.

Most instalments will contain a single story, though a few, like Hush, will be presented over two of these glorious hardback editions. The quality books feel great in the hand and with artwork across the spines, combine to form a gallery of some of DC’s best loved heroes and favourite villains. There are plenty to keep you hooked, by my count there are sixty volumes in the collection. Subscribe and pay an extra £1 per volume and you’ll receive an additional trio of extra big Green Lantern books too.

So… which characters are featured? I’ve mentioned, Batman, Superman, The Flash and the Green Lantern. There’s also Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow and Justice League books, not to mention their arch enemies and other team up stories to enjoy.

With Hush Part 1 in shops for just £2.99 it’s worth picking up the first installment for the hell of it. If you subscribe you will pay £9.99 every two weeks and you’ll get five bonus gifts. Add that extra pound per payment and you’ll get the Green Lantern books too. We’ve been a little scathing of the Eaglemoss collection prices in the past, but honestly, these books are good value at £9.99. This is one collection I think DC Comic fans will really want to consider.

For more information and to subscribe, head on over the Eaglemoss DC Collection website.

Will Harrison

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