The Walking Dead Season Six Premiere & Season Pass

The Walking Dead Season Six Premiere & Season Pass

The Walking Dead is back with an explosive season six opener and a plan that might just have put every survivor in the way of an army of walkers.

A couple of hours ahead of the UK debut of The Walking Dead Season Six on Fox this evening, I had the pleasure of catching a screening of the premiere courtesy of Playstation Video who introduce The Walking Dead Season Six season pass.

Rick Grimes battles with his own emotions as he waivers between being a man who trusts no one to realizing the importance of holding onto what it means to be human. In the season six premiere we find the group herding an army of walkers away from their settlement. Unexpected events jump start the plan earlier than planned leaving Rick and co to think on their feet in an attempt to steer the zombies away. Rick Grimes is at the centre of the action doing what he does best as a leader and survivor, flashback scenes break the flow and show the circumstances that lead Rick to question his resolve and compassion. Tough decisions have to be made for the greater good. With the pace ebbing and flowing the tension is built at a steady rate keeping viewers firmly on the edge of their seat.

With a Playstation season pass you’ll never miss an episode of AMC‘s hugely successful zombie series The Walking Dead. Beginning on October 14th, episodes will be available to download shortly after each show airs on Fox and will be yours to watch over and over as the purchase will not expire. If you don’t have access to Fox, this could be the best way to keep up with your favourite show. The best part? You don’t actually have to own a Playstation as content can be purchased and viewed via your web browser.

The Walking Dead Season Six Season Pass launches on October the 14th in the UK, however, seasons one to five are available now to binge in preparation for the new run.

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