They Did It! The Hoverboard Is Real

They Did It! The Hoverboard Is Real

Lexus have been teasing the unveiling of their hoverboard for the last month or so, now see it in action!

It’s 2015, the year Back To The Future promised us hoverboards and flying cars. It may not be widely available, but the former has come that little closer to making that vision a reality. Using a combination of superconductors, magnets and liquid nitrogen Lexus engineers set about making the impossible into a tangible, working and most importantly, ridable floating board.

I was sceptical when the first teasers appeared online, fully expecting the board to hit the floor the second anyone stepped on it. Colour me impressed as a very lucky group of boarders got the opportunity to learn a whole new method for riding the world’s first working hoverboard and demonstrate it in action. Below is the impressive fruits of their labour, further down is a brief video showing the methods behind the boards construction and how they got it work. Visit for the full story. Kudos Lexus, kudos.


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