Thor Drops Mjölnir In Greenwich

Thor Drops Mjölnir In Greenwich

Marvel Leave Thor’s Massive Hammer Laying Around In London

I couldn’t resist, upon returning to London I dragged my wife and kids on a nerdy site-seeing adventure. I’ve been on the other side of the country for the last week but heard news via social media that as part of their publicity drive for the release of Thor: The Dark World on DVD and Bluray, Marvel had placed a huge scale replica of Thor’s trusty hammer Mjölnir in Greenwich, London. Of course, much of the film was set and filmed in the picturesque part of the capital so it makes sense in many respects to focus the attention of the launch there.

The hammer itself must stand some fifteen to twenty foot tall and stands proudly in the gardens of the Devenport Hotel backing onto the Greenwich Maritime Museum where a main road passes by. Sadly (on the day we visited at least) access is restricted with the usually open gardens being locked to the public so I had to make do with viewing from a distance, but I think you’ll agree the sight is impressive.

Thor’s Mjölnir will be on view until the 28th of February, so if you want to see it you’ll have to be fast.


Thor: The Dark World is available to buy on DVD and Bluray from tomorrow (Monday 24th February)


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