Tim Burton – The Iconic Filmmaker And His Work

Tim Burton – The Iconic Filmmaker And His Work

Tim Burton has been one of the most remarkable and unique filmmakers of the last 30 years. Film critic and journalist Ian Nathan guides us through Burton’s incredible career in this beautifully presented book.

If there’s one thing that the folks at Aurum Press do well it’s create beautiful looking books. ‘Tim Burton, The Iconic Filmmaker and His Work’ is no exception. With a silver/gunmetal sheen and smokey black image of Burton on the outer sheath and hard cover of the book – paired with simple yet striking typography – I wouldn’t be surprised if many copies are purchased on looks alone. The whole package is robust and exudes quality.

Tim Burton Book

I am someone obsessed with design aesthetics but, as with food – the first taste is with the eye, and when you see something packaged and presented this pleasingly you hold high expectations for what’s contained within. About that…

What we have is an unofficial and unauthorised guide through Tim Burton’s expansive career that reaches as far back as the early ’70s then brings you right up to date and beyond. With a comprehensive gatefold centrespread the author notes that the veteran director and producer has two projects currently in development, Disney’s live action adaptation of ‘Dumbo’ and the long awaited sequel to his 1988 breakthrough film, ‘Beetlejuice’.

Laid out in chronological order the book takes the reader through Burton’s career from before he became a household name to how his ‘Frankenweenie’ short film led to his big break in Hollywood with his appointment as director of the first Pee-wee Herman movie ‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure’. The ‘Frankenweenie’ short film would later be remade by Burton as the 2012 Disney film of the same name.

Leafing through the pages of this book you realise just how influential and extensive Tim Burton’s career has been, and every film credit as an actor, director, producer or other kind of advisor is covered thorough interesting text chronicling behind the scenes facts. All matched with large glossy images.

From ‘Beetlejuice’ to ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. ‘Batman’ and ‘Batman Returns’ to ‘Planet of the Apes’. Right up to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and more recent endeavours, every aspect of Burton’s career is given ample space.

Author Ian Nathan manages to link over thirty years of one of Hollywood’s most unique contributors in the movie business with interesting, easy to digest facts and stories.

An absolute must for fans of Tim Burton and his work. Very highly considered for anyone with more than a passing interest in iconic filmmaking. A truly lovely gift idea with Christmas on the horizon.

‘Tim Burton – The Iconic Filmmaker and His Work’ is available to buy now with a RRP of £25.00 / US $34.99 / CAN $45.99 from Aurum Press.

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