Too Many T’s -Sixty’s Ford | Video

Too Many T’s -Sixty’s Ford | Video

From their debut album ‘South City’ comes the latest video from Too Many T’s for the track Sixty’s Ford. But wait… I’m having deja vu.

Don’t call it a comeback! Flaunting clever lyricism, Sixty’s Ford (incorrect punctuation is a theme with the T’s) is the latest upbeat banger to get the video treatment from Too Many T’s 2017 album ‘South City‘.

But wait a minute! We’re proud nerds, and if there’s one thing we obsess over it’s minute detail, and I’ve got a distinct case of deja vu here.

We first reported on the release of this video waaay back in October 2016. The video was conspicuously taken down shortly after its initial release and it seems that the T’s had a change of heart, choosing instead to hold the visual in reserve until after the album was released.

As we move towards the music festival season be sure to keep an eye on for live dates.

About Too Many T’s | Too Many T’s have built up a strong fan base with their electric performances and positive vibes stage shows, touring all over the UK over the last four years. They have supported some of hip-hop’s greats including Snoop Dogg, Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul and Public Enemy.

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