Tough Mudder | Get Tough For Get Well Gamers

Tough Mudder | Get Tough For Get Well Gamers

After completing a successful Tough Mudder earlier this year in aid of Mind, I’m taking it on again in 2017 but this time I’m levelling up a notch.

That’s right, not only was I foolish enough to complete one Tough Mudder but after the success earlier this year of #TeamContra (myself and my good buddy Joe Payne) ,we’ve now (read as 4 days after the first one!) decided to do another one on May 6th 2017, but instead of doing it with the aim of raising money for a good cause, we’re going for a different route.

If you read my last piece for the site on Get Well Gamers, you’ll have seen the great work they do in donating games and consoles to hospitals all over the country to give young people some much needed distraction and entertainment while they are in there. With all the other charities out there vying for cash donations we thought why not ask for games instead this time and see what we can raise?

That’s not all though, as well as we did the first time round we think we’d be much better at going the distance as a larger team and that’s where you come in. We’ve ditched our #TeamContra title for the next round and for those of you who are familiar with Zachary Levi, we’ll be going dressed in suitably Chuck themed attire and running under the name “The Unheard Nerd Herd“.

If you think you could be the Jeff to our Lester, the Morgan Grimes to our Chuck, then we would be thrilled to have you on board and as a “thank you and welcome to the team” if you provide us with a photo we will be happy to create an 8 bit avatar of you that you can share and use to promote the cause.

Yes the course is tough, yes it is muddy, but what we can guarantee you is you will have a blast doing it and even when you’re flagging you can rely on Joe and I to get you through with leg ups, a helping hand and multiple quotes from the Simpsons, Archer and others! Pretty rad, huh!?

For more information on Tough Mudder visit the and to sign up as part of #TheUnheardNerdHerd either leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter and we can get you added to the team! See you in the mud!


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