Toyota Advert Crosses The World With Street Fighter II

Toyota Advert Crosses The World With Street Fighter II

This Toyota C-HR Crossover advert from Japan taps into the car manufacturer’s long history with the classic beat ’em up arcade game Street Fighter II.

In one of the most memorable instances of product placement in video games, most fans of Street Fighter II will remember the bonus round where you get to beat the crap out of a Lexus Celsior.

Streefighter II Lexus

What many don’t realise, perhaps, is that Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japan car giants Toyota. It makes a little more sense knowing that fact that Toyota have used Street Fighter II as the setting for their latest car advert.

Promoting the CH-R Crossover we find Ryu jumping into a pixelated representation of the car and heading off around the world where we find each of his adversaries apparently excited by the appearance of the vehicle. Except Vega, of course, who’s dealt a swift, perfect K.O. by the CH-R.

All this set to a backdrop of classic British rockers Queen and their song ‘Keep Yourself Alive’. The title of the song appear so be the slogan that forms the selling point for the car.

This is the second advert for the Toyota C-HR, the first is pretty fun to watch too.

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