Tribe One & Mikal kHill | Two Weeks Notice | Review

Tribe One & Mikal kHill | Two Weeks Notice | Review

Writing and recording an album or booking a tour usually takes a considerable amount of time, unless you only have a couple of weeks, in which case it takes a couple of weeks.

When Mikal kHill and Tribe One decided that they needed to go out on tour before the end of summer the pair faced a dilemma, the latter starts a new job in August leaving very little time to fit it in. On top of that they have a limited budget to travel any great distance. It seemed impossible, so Tribe One suggested that they write and record an album too. Two weeks later the pair are on the verge of embarking on an eleven date tour (17th July to 29th August) and have just dropped Two Weeks Notice, a ten track album. All this has been achieved in… you guessed it, two weeks!

The record is surprising for different reasons, not least the fact that Tribe One, a notoriously slow meticulous writer, was able to complete a project with such tight time constraints. Secondly the fun and camaraderie that is evident, especially given how sombre deep Mikal kHill is known to be.  The production values are also better than could be reasonably expected from a project of this nature. I was expecting something very raw and unrefined, but in fact the finished product is accomplished, my only gripe being that it’s a little muggy in the mixing. A small criticism and irrelevant to the sentiment behind creating a full length album in such a short time. The pair literally worked day and night to achieve their goal.

Vocally we find both emcees in fine form. Tribe One is masterful in his ability to deliver rhymes with intricate lyrics with such clarity, kHill likes to work at pace and seems to flourish, free of the necessity to pour over his verses, able to concentrate on simply creating. Together they form a formidable team.

Musically you’ll recognise kHill’s influence throughout and we find a continuation of the growth and development in his sound that can be witnessed both on his own recent album The Snuggle Is Real and his collaborative effort with Adam Warrock, Gifted Student. With an average track length timing in at around two minutes thirty Two Weeks Notice may well leave you hungry for more. Each track fits perfectly with the next and the release flows naturally but concludes very quickly leaving me wishing for a couple more tracks.

Two Weeks Notice will set you back $10 to download from their bandcamp page, but any funds raised from sales will go towards feeding, transporting and sheltering the pair on tour, and it’s well worth the dollar a track.

Catch Tribe One and Mikal kHill on the following dates:


7/17 – Beach Formal. The Milestone Club. Charlotte, NC. (as Malibu Shark Attack)
7/18 – Fantom Comics. Washington DC. (with Navi)
7/19 – Double Midnight Comics. Manchester, NH
7/20 – Singer’s. Solvay, NY.
7/21 – Great Oak Cohousing. Ann Arbor, MI.
7/25 – Legend Comics & Coffee. Omaha, NE
7/29 – Private Event (Austin, TX)
7/30 – TBA (Austin TX)
7/31 – Green Bar. Tuscaloosa, AL
8/15 – Conquest Brewery, Columbia SC
8/29 – Super Fly Comics, OH.


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