Tron Headphones? I’m In… Wait… How Much?

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Tron Headphones? I’m In… Wait… How Much?

The Kickstarter dilemma. Really want, can’t afford. But these are kick-ass headphones.

I have a bit of a thing for ear/headphones. I have a beaten up set of Urban Ears for running, another pristine set of Urban Ears for everyday. I have ear buds for bedtime podcast listening (so as not to disturb my wife) and the trusty old Apple EarPods for when you’re out but don’t want the bulk of over the ear devices.

Now I really, really want these Tronesq Glow, laser-wire earbuds. The creators go as far as to describe them as ‘smart headphones’.  What makes them smart? Firstly they look the bomb, I’d totally love walking through the streets of London at night rocking these badboys. They come in three colourways, blue, red and green and not only glow thanks to their laser-wire construction but also pulse in time with you hearbeat. How? All will become clear, keep reading. Secondly they’re intrinsically designed to compliment your Android smart phone with a five function controller that allows you to interact via voice command and much more. Thirdly, they incorporate a heartrate monitor.

They’re not actually in production yet which is why Glow’s creators have turned to Kickstarter to raise a hefty $100,000 target, and they’re nearly there with a whopping $79,000 at the time of writing. Sadly the $149.00 required to secure one of the first batch of headphones is a little beyond my budget right now. But plenty will take up this offer and hopefully we’ll see mass production soon. Oh, and iPhone compatibility would be awesome too please?

Check out the campaign now at, there are 44 days left to pledge.

What do think? Gimmick or cool as fuck?

Will Harrison

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