UKFilmNerd’s Shorts | L3.0

UKFilmNerd’s Shorts | L3.0

Here at The Unheard Nerd we welcome all kinds of media and will gladly share our findings from the net with you the reader. As your probably already aware, I love film and in a semi regular feature I will share with you some of the excellent short films hiding away on the internet.

L3.0 is a short film by a group of students from Isart Digital, a school in France that runs lessons in video game production, 3D animation and visual effects.

The film is about a small android who yearns for company, but as you’ll see by the end there is a sad chilling twist to his existence.


L3.0 is alone. The streets of Paris have long since ceased resounding to the clamor of humanity and he is left to his own devices. He spends his days writing notes on paper planes and jettisoning them over the city in the hopes that they will attract some company for him. Yet one day something happens – he meets a living being and we finally learn the reason for Leo’s solitude.

-3D/FX : Alexis Decelle, Cyril Declercq, Vincent Defour, Pierre Jury

-Music & Sound Design : Victor Battaglia, Nicolas De Ferran, Remi Haentjens, Maxime Ferrieu

John Abbitt

About the author | John Abbitt

@UKFilmNerd | John loves the movies and he used to write for his own website, The Tydirium Hangar Bay, in the late 1990's. Whilst the web page idea became lost in the passages of time, John's love of film did not. Now he's back, writing for The Unheard Nerd.

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