Wait! Another crossover? Here comes Simpsorama!

Wait! Another crossover? Here comes Simpsorama!

The Unheard Nerd has previously reported on the hour long The Simpsons season opener this year which sees the Griffins from Family Guy visit Springfield. However, in the last few days it’s been revealed this isn’t the only crossover episode this season.

If you hadn’t guessed from the title, the Simpsons will crossover with Futurama later this season, November 9th to be exact. The story revolves around the robot Bender travelling back in time to kill Bart who has managed to cause a worldwide catastrophe, which according to Rolling Stone, “originates from radioactive waste, Milhouse’s rabbit’s foot and “Bart blowing his nose on a sandwich”).

Twentieth Century Fox have released a teaser image to whet your appetite.


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