Watch The Classic Schmup R-Type Brought To Life In Anime Form

Watch The Classic Schmup R-Type Brought To Life In Anime Form

The Classic 1987 2D shooter, R-Type, receives an anime upgrade in this awesome short animation

In 2015, I reported on animator Paul Johnson’s brilliant short film, Tie Fighter. Running just short of ten minutes, this film in the style of Japanese anime told the story of a classic Star Wars space battle from the perspective of the Empire and its pilots.

A year later, Paul revealed a new piece of animation based on the classic arcade 2D shooter R-Type. Again using the anime style, this short film told the story of a young man who is sucked into an R-Type arcade at his local arcade and has to fight for his life.

Paul has released a new version which in his words,

“New scenes, updated animations, more explosions!”

RETRO ARCADE ANIME: R-TYPE now contains approximately an extra minute of footage. If you stay for the credits, you’ll see a comparison between the games first level and the animation that Paul has created.

A quick look at Paul’s Youtube channel reveals that he is currently working on a Street Fighter II animation. Paul’s standard is very high and I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

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