What Could Have Been #3 | Superman Lives

What Could Have Been #3 | Superman Lives

As a fan of film, I love exploring behind the scenes. Reading about the production process, the special effects and the stories of what could have been.

Superman Lives (Unmade)

Warner Brothers started developing a new Superman movie back in the middle of the 1990’s. They had several scripts written but nothing seemed to be moving ahead. Kevin Smith was called in to read their latest script which he thought was awful and told them so. This tale is better in his own words. If you have a spare twenty minutes then I do recommend listening to this story about Superman and the strange world of Hollywood.

Tim Burton was bought on board and Kevin Smith was asked to leave as Tim wanted to use his own writers. Not long after it was announced that Nicolas Cage had been cast as Superman. The fans were not too pleased. The project eventually fell apart as it was taking too long and Burton and Cage wanted to move on to other work.

After many years various items of pre-production art and videos have emerged showing us glimpses of Tim Burton’s vision. The video below just blows my mind! What WAS Burton thinking!? The video is a costume test for a version of Superman we thankfully never got to see.

What Could Have Been… is a series first created by John (@UKFilmNerd) on the original version of theunheardnerd.com. We will be re-running the series in a weekly format, but if you can’t wait for the next instalment you can check it out now. [What Could Have Been… #1-12]

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