We Might Get That Nemesis Movie After All – Netflix Acquires Millarworld

We Might Get That Nemesis Movie After All – Netflix Acquires Millarworld

Netflix has acquired Millarworld, the comics label run by Mark Millar, creator of Kick-Ass and The Kingsmen.

You don’t need to be a fan of comics to be aware of Mark Millar’s work. Both Kick-Ass and The Kingsmen have been successful Hollywood movies, each inspiring a sequel.

Most notably the writer is responsible for a number of comic titles that have inspired some of the big Marvel character films of recent. Captain America: Civil War certainly takes cues from Millar’s seminal ‘Civil War’ story arc. Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine in Logan was also inspired, in part, by Millar’s ‘Old Man Logan’ series.

It’s not Millar’s Marvel work that Netflix have pursued though. Having created his own Millarworld comics label with his wife, Lucy Millar, the Scots creator has been publishing his own work via Image Comics for some time. It’s Millarworld that spawned the Kick-Ass series along with a slew of other prominent titles.

Via Millarworld the writer has free-reign to create graphic, violent and hard-hitting stories. The reason for Netflix’s interest is to tap into this catalogue of work as potential series and films, affirming the message that the streaming service is serious about its ambitions to create original content.


So, what can we expect from the Netflix acquisition of Millarworld? Depending on the licensing rights to the characters, a Kick-Ass series seems like an ideal fit for the streaming service. Another recent mini-series of comics ripe for adaptation is MPH. A group of teens involved with the criminal underworld discover a drug that gifts them extraordinary speed. Will that use their powers for good or greed and what are the sideeffects?

Top of our list at The Unheard Nerd is the ultra-violent Nemesis. A movie adaptation for the story that follows a character best described as the ‘anti-Batman’ was teased in 2013. Sadly it never came to be. Whilst I can’t see the story fitting a serialised format, Netflix are now producing films.

Many fans of Millar’s work are keen to see Jupiter’s Legacy on-screen. The comic series written in collaboration with Frank Quitely¬†follows the exploits of the disappointing children of the world’s first superheroes. As with Nemesis, a movie version of the title was announced, this time in 2015 with producer¬†Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers, G.I. Joe) attached.

Millar is taking a hiatus from creating new comics whilst he works on collating new projects. Future comic books are reported to be published under the Netflix name.

Read Mark Millar’s blog post on the millarworld forums.

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