As a fan of film, I love exploring behind the scenes. Reading about the production process, the special effects and the stories of what could have been.

Dreamworks Animation has had a hugely successful run with the Shrek franchise starring Mike Myers as the voice of an angry green ogre and his companion Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy.

So far we’ve had four feature films, television specials, theme park rides and of course the usual merchandising that spins off from this these types of films.

However, Mike Myers wasn’t the first choice as the voice of the ogre. Originally another Saturday Night Live comedian had won the role, his name was Chris Farley.

Chris had spent five years on NBC’s Saturday Night Live and was now pursuing an acting career in feature films. Unfortunately he had a weight and drug problem which caused problems when production had to be halted on the films he was working on so he could attend rehab.

For his work on Shrek, he had recorded approximately 85% of his dialogue before his unfortunate early death due to a drug overdose. These recordings were never released or been included on DVD extras.

The following clip surfaced on YouTube in August 2015 where it was soon discovered that it had originated on Vimeo for several years but no one had found it before.

Here is a short storyboard clip featuring the original voice recording of Chris Farley as Shrek.



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