Where’s Doug Funnie? | Mixtape

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Where’s Doug Funnie? | Mixtape

Doug Funnie to release a taster of what to expect from his full length album ‘Homecoming’.

Where’s Doug Funnie? serves as a prologue to his forthcoming album Homecoming which is still in production. The ten track mixtape will drop as a ‘name your price’ release via Funnie’s bandcamp page on the 5th of August, and although that means you can get your hands on it for free, any funds raised from the release will go towards funding the final push to finish the album.

Doug Funnie explains.

Following the intro that sets up a narrative which permeates the mixtape, comes the unseasonal Merry X-Mas Me ahead of OutRun which features O-Super. It’s a driving track with obvious reference to the classic game. Wreck It Ralph gets the nod in the next track, the first of two produced by Lucio, this one titled Wreck It.

Next we find Doug Funnie hitting the bar in Drinking Again which rather fittingly samples The Doors Alabama (Whiskey Bar)The vibe continues into Rapping Stupor, a dizzying track musically. Where most of the tracks on this mixtape run in at a little over two minutes or less, Drown Em Out is one of two songs that fit a more typical length. This one features one of nerdcore’s big hitters, Mega Ran.

DJ RoboRob lends his production skill to the next track Reading Rainbow which forms a single release and video. Where am I is another short narration bridging the gap to the final track Exhausted which is the second full length track and the second produced by the afore mentioned Lucio.

The whole feel of the mixtape is, as we’ve come to expect from Doug Funnie, upbeat, fun and laid back. He seems to have settled on a vocal style that reminds me at times of another nerdcore rapper XoC but exhibits a maturity over his earlier work.

If you’re planning on taking a listen you’ll be able to do that at dougfunnie’s bandcamp page from August the 5th. If you’re planning to download, why not throw a couple of dollars his way and help bring that full length album about a little sooner?


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