Y: The Last Man | Comic Book Looks Set To Make TV Debut

Y: The Last Man | Comic Book Looks Set To Make TV Debut

Eisner award winning ‘Y: The Last Man’ finally looks set to become a comic book adaptation for television.

PreacherComic book adaptations for television have become increasingly common thanks to the success of shows like ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ for Marvel on Netflix, ‘The Walking Dead’ (an ongoing comic series from Image Comics), ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’ are all DC Comics properties being nurtured on The CW, and recently IDW Publishing have begun producing shows like ‘Dirk Gently’ and announced at MCM Comic-Con London last month that their title ‘Locke & Key’ will follow suit. There are more.

The result is that an opportunity now exists for less mainstream comic titles to be adapted for television. Neither Constantine or Preacher (Both Vertigo Comics properties) received massive viewing figures, but both garnered a significant and devoted following.

Though ‘Constantine’ won’t be returning to NBC despite a fan campaign to reverse the decision to cancel the show, ‘Preacher’ will receive a second season produced by AMC and a new Vertigo title may well be hitting comics book fans’ television screens soon too.

Y: The Last ManSpeculation has been growing, and some have already predicted, that ‘Y: The Last Man’ may well be adapted for television by FX.

Brian K. Vaughan’s 2002 ‘Y: The Last Man’ is a dystopian sci-fi saga that tells the story of events that follow a global pandemic responsible for killing off every mammal, embryo and sperm that contains a Y chromosome – except amateur escape artist ‘Yorick Brown’ and his pet monkey ‘Ampersand’. Believed to be the last man on Earth Yorick finds himself hunted by groups that either want to kill him or use him for their own means.

In 2007 New Line Cinema are reported to have floated the idea of a film adaptation with David S. Goyer on-board to produce. Nothing materialised as the studio struggled to get behind several script re-writes, including one by Brian K. Vaughan himself, and ultimately the rights reverted to the author some time between 2013 and 2014.

Fresh speculation now suggests that FX are moving forward with their plans to bring ‘Y: The Last Man’ to television with reports surfacing that Michael Green has been appointed as showrunner whose previous work includes ‘Smallville’, ‘Heroes’ and ‘Gotham’.

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