You Can Help Fund The Superhero Initiative

You Can Help Fund The Superhero Initiative

For three years YouTube creator Phil Boothman has been producing a weekly show called, So You’re a Superhero. Now it’s time to level up for the team up.

After three years creating his show, the man behind Empath Digital, Phil Boothman, will be wrapping up So You’re A Superhero, a weekly short where Phil demonstrates the many, many superpowers present in our favourite fandoms with comedy and after effects. A project of passion, Phil has been producing content out of love and out of pocket the whole time, and now that he’s exhausted that concept he’s looking to create something bigger and more ambitious. And that requires a budget. Hello Indiegogo.

Tapping into the same core elements that inspired him for So You’re A Superhero, Phil is now looking to create a new series titled The Superhero Initiative. His ambition is to bring together a cast of seven:

THE SUPERHERO INITIATIVE invites viewers into the inner circles of H.A.D.E.S., a mysterious organisation dedicated to protecting the world from the dangerous forces that threaten its safety headed up by the mysterious Director Lieber.

There they will learn what it takes to become a true superhero, from coming up with a superhero name and origin story, to developing a unique persona and designing a costume that makes a bold statement. Not only that, but they will get to watch spectacular demonstrations of different superpowers, from laser vision to flight and everything in between!

To achieve his goal Phil requires support in the form of crowdfunding. His target of £1,000.00 isn’t outlandish but will pay for equipment as well as remunerate and feed the actors. He clearly demonstrates passion, conviction and the gumption to follow through on the project. Check out his pitch video below and head over to his Indiegogo campaign for all the details and incentives.

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