You Know, Shredder Has Feelings Too! | Shredder Ballad

You Know, Shredder Has Feelings Too! | Shredder Ballad

Sometimes a bad guy just needs to emote, Fox ADHD give us an early peek at their latest short.

The kind folk at Fox Animation Domination High-Def have dropped us a sneaky link to their next short animation Shredder Ballad in which the Turtle’s nemesis offers a lyrical confession explaining how he feels about his life as a ninja and his hatred for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

ADHD has a simple goal, to offer content that makes you laugh, be it an animated GIF of some breaking news, a short, stand-alone sketch, or a narrative series for television, our goal is to keep you entertained. Constantly. Every hour, every day, every week. Check them out at

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