Did YTCracker Hack Craig’s List?

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Did YTCracker Hack Craig’s List?

The so called hacking of Craig’s List over the weekend has scored YTCracker’s project Introducing Neals a butload of exposure. But is he responsible?

Gizmodo, Slash Gear, Examiner… the list goes on. Major tech blogs and media sites are reporting the story that Craig’s List was hacked on Sunday with traffic being diverted to other sites including Digital Gangster and a YouTube video promoting YTCracker’s Introducing Neals project. It’s no wonder then that eyes are pointing the way of the Nerdcore veteran, after all, he is the founder of Digital Gangster and the producer/rapper behind the music project. He also has previous. As widely reported, fifteen years ago to the day of the Craig’s List hijacking a seventeen year old YTCracker was indeed responsible for hacking NASA’s Goddard Flight Center leaving the message:

To the US government and military—I have warned you about these security flaws. Please secure our military systems to protect us from cyber attack.

In an exclusive interview with Slash Gear YT laughs it off: “its some member of my site being a dingus and I’m probably going to get blamed for it.”

Whether or not he knew what was happening the result has been some high profile media coverage for Introducing Neals. Head over to bandcamp to buy the album and hit up indiegogo to help realise the dream of turning Introducing Neals into an Anime musical feature.

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    December 04, 2014

    sorry for double post.


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    December 04, 2014

    i would think the vid would have more views by now from that. its right under 250,000 views.


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    December 04, 2014

    i would have thought the vid would get more traffic by now. its right at 250,000 views.


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