Zoolander 2 Is Really, Ridiculously Good Looking! | Official Trailer

Zoolander 2 Is Really, Ridiculously Good Looking! | Official Trailer

Derek Zoolander, the internationally famous male model, came to fame in his own film that went on to become a cult hit. Now he returns with his best friend Hansel in Zoolander 2.

Zoolander starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson was a moderate success but became a cult hit on DVD. Stiller has been thinking up ideas for a sequel since 2008 and it was only in recent years that he finally found a script that he was happy with and has been refining ever since.

To officially announce the project Stiller and Wilson appeared in character as Zoolander and Hansel on the catwalk for Valentino at Paris Fashion Week back in March.

Nothing had been heard of since until yesterday when Paramount released the first teaser onto YouTube but them mysteriously pulled it again. However other sites were quick to mirror the video, which we posted. Unfortunately Paramount’s legal team were hot on the case and we got a slap on the wrist.

“We are writing to you on behalf of our client, Paramount Pictures Corporation (“Paramount”). Paramount is the owner of copyright and other intellectual property rights in and to the unreleased “Zoolander 2” motion picture (hereinafter referred to as “Zoolander 2″). No one is authorized to copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use “Zoolander 2” without the express written permission of Paramount.”

Less than 48 hours later and its now apparently time to release the trailer on YouTube. Don’t know why yesterday was considered too early! Here it is.

Title: Zoolander 2 | Release Date US: 12th Feburary | UK: 12th Feburary



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    Well I guess MovieWeb must be the official distributors as I got the embed from them but they as yet haven’t removed it!


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    Whoops! We got spanked by the legals!


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